Co-writing will be back!

It is now all set. My gracious co-author, the excellent lady from Faeriesrevenge, will resume working on our little writing experiment for a set of short stories. Of course, the theme will be fairy tales!

I can’t wait to start writing again and I feel overjoyed with the mere idea!


Knitting Away…

Sewing is a legacy inherited from my grandma. Sadly, it is incredibly time consuming and living in a Parisian flat doesn’t really help me in this particular endeavour.

Knitting is something I have never liked because of its origin in my life, but I have decided to give it a go… I now truly enjoy knitting. It is incredibly relaxing. My first project is knitting a blanket made of Peruvian wool. I shall post some pics at some point.


Artistic Frustrations

My current life has a monastic quality to it: work, university, work, study, sleep (sometimes).

I keep running between the lycée and university. I am blessed with the most amazing fellow students. If I were looking for a reason to fail my exams, this could be one.

Life takes strange meanders.

Nonetheless, my soul is craving for artistic endeavours… I can’t fulfill these requests as I simply have no time for sewing, writing, making jewellery.

I make time to read but it is solely for exam purposes.

My inner artist is starved but she will have to wait until the exam period is over.

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

Afficher l'image d'origine

I have been dead silent. My blog is becoming this fast-growing abandoned woodland of words.

This year, my commitments are beyond belief:

  • I work full-time in a secondary & high school.
  • I am now the proud holder of a student card from UniversitĂ© Sorbonne Paris CitĂ©. Truly, I attend Paris 7 for my master MEEF1.
  • I had to find a part-time job from home to make both ends meet and was lucky enough to join the amazing Twinkl team. I create French content for them.

But, this weekend, an unspeakable violence has unleashed itself on my beautiful city. People who believe they hold the truth, decided to kill innocent people who were just enjoying themselves.

I am lucky. Very lucky. I was supposed to be in that part of town to attend a Nanowrimo event. Tiredness got the hold of me and I didn’t go. My friends were over there though. I stayed calm. They survived. I was blessed not to lose any of my friends. Thanks the gods and the goddesses for this.

Nonetheless, criminals have hurt and killed people who didn’t deserve to die because they enjoyed life.

I can’t stay silent. I wish their souls will find the rest they deserve. The pain and the anguish have gained my body. My mind refuses to surrender to fear though.

Fluctuat nec mergitur…

Grading papers for ever and ever

At the minute, I am snowed under papers. Papers to grade have invaded my home. This is the burden of having almost 200 students. I am praying the Gods that I will successfully pass my exams and will be able to enjoy a year of respite next term. (Well, one can dream!)

The packs never cease to disappear. I feel like Sisyphus rolling his rock up the mountain…

The holiday break is coming up soon and I shall return to my homeland, Brittany. I have missed the salty air, the sea. It will be great to feel the fresh air on my skin once again and walk around town.

My father’s house is spacious and bright. Despite the fact that I have never lived there while I was growing up, I feel at home when I am there.

This time will be wisely spent to prepare for the exams.

Sewing Again!

I got a sewing machine, the famous sewing machine from Lidl last year with the money Dad gave me for my birthday. I hadn’t opened the box yet. Life gets in the way!

I have been collecting all the patterns I can get my hands on and stocking them neatly in my flat, in prevision of better times when I won’t be preparing a competitive exam.

Last time I went to my dad’s house, I brought back a skirt that I started 6 years ago! One day, I was suffering from a headache, I decided to keep my hands busy to distract myself from the pain. I finished my skirt made of gorgeous crushed velvet.

SkirtMy grand-mother would probably have a go at me as my finish is less than perfect but unless you flip it over, nobody will notice. I sewed a zipper (invisible-style) for the first time and it all went like a charm.

I am very proud of it and wear it on a very regular basis. I can’t wait to make more clothes!